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Film Festival

Dusk ’til Dawn: The Films of John Waters

The Pioneer Theater

New York, NY
March 6, 2004
6pm - 6am

In collaboration with John Waters

Dusk ‘til Dawn Film Festival Poster

Dusk ‘til Dawn Film Festival Poster


Dusk ’til Dawn: The Films of John Waters
12-hour marathon of the auteur’s films as a part of the exhibition, “John Waters: Change of Life,” organized by Lisa Phillips and Marvin Heiferman at the New Museum of Contemporary Art (February - May 2004).

Film series traveled to:
Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland (May − August 2004)
Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA (October 2005 − January 2006)


How Many John Waters Films Can You Take? Dusk til Dawn is a 12 hour screening of six films by John Waters. A look-alike contest judged by John Waters will be held at midnight, Bingo games will be played throughout the evening, breakfast will be served, and if viewers have the stamina to stay all night, it will all be free. Films to be screened are: Hairspray (1988), Polyester (1981), Cry Baby (1990), Pink Flamingos (1972), Pecker (1998) and Serial Mom (1994).

Free to get in, pay to get out. $20 for the first film, $5 less for each subsequent film viewed. Viewers remaining for the entire evening pay nothing.

Dan Dickinson, The Primary Vivid Weblog