“Future is the Past: Towards Radical Indigeneity”

Re-Model the Art Symposium
Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

August 11, 2018



Re-imagining the nexus of contemporary Asian American art practices in the crossing of art and cultural spaces. At the 10th year juncture of the XianRui Series by the Chinese Culture Center, Re-Model the Art brought together thought leaders, top scholars, artists, and curators to reflect on current contemporary art practices as a means to define cultural and community spaces. The symposium format featured pop-up presentations, critical conversation, and case study lectures to pursue a dialogue on how curatorial strategies act as a form of resistance, and as a mode to progressively shape and reshape art, the artist, and the art space.

Participants: Adrian Wong, Dr. Alpesh Patel, Beili Liu, Dr. Jacqueline Francis, Dr. Margo Machida, Stella Zhang, Summer Mei-Ling Lee