Curatorial Practice: Curator and Producer

Cause Way: Paul Donald

Solo Exhibition
Miami Beach Urban Studios

September - October 2013

Installation View (2013)

Installation View (2013)

Canada-based and New Zealand-born artist Paul Donald has built a raised wooden walkway—like perhaps something one might see traversing a swamp in south Florida—from one side of the gallery to the other. However, plinths positioned near the front of the gallery not only obscure a full view, but also block physical entry. Sheets of plywood also cover the glass doors in the hallway. A few jaggedly cut holes in the plywood allow for a view of what is in inside the gallery—but again, only a frustratingly partial one. 

On top of the plinths are monitors on which video of the artist building the walkway in real time is looped; each monitor reflects roughly an hour of the artist’s work. In a dramatic manner, Donald re-directs our attention away from an artwork as a disembodied pure form or object to one as a product of the labor of the artist and a viewer’s always already mediated experience. That is, even the direct, live experience we expect to have in galleries as viewers is an implicitly constructed one.

–Alpesh Kantilal Patel



September 6, 2013
Miami Beach Urban Studios

Alpesh kantilal patel, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art
Paul Donald, artist